Orlando East/Noordgesig facelift a boon for residents and businesses

We’re creating dedicated pedestrian areas, lighting up newly landscaped and installing street furniture   We’re creating dedicated pedestrian areas, lighting up newly landscaped and installing street furniture

North of Soweto's CBD, the Orlando East Station Precinct boasts a rich heritage and huge investment potential; the area's redevelopment will promote new business and improve residents' lives.

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), with the City of Joburg, is currently upgrading Orlando Township, south of the central business district in Soweto.

orlando1The Orlando East Station Precinct regeneration project has been earmarked for implementation from 2013/14 to 2015/16. The project forms part of the City's Growth and Development Strategy and the Integrated Development Programme.

Orlando East Precinct is on the Rea Vaya route and close to Soweto's Vilakazi Street, where former South African president, Nelson Mandela, and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu have lived.

The Precinct is also close to the Johannesburg Property Company's substantial Orlando Ekhaya project. It is being developed to preserve its rich heritage and to take advantage of its proximity to the Orlando Stadium.

The 2012/13 implementation focused on Orlando East Station and the surrounding area.

The Orlando East /Noordgesig Precinct project aims to:

  • Integrate the area's local economy with that of other areas in Soweto;
  • Create and upgrade existing business opportunities;
  • Make socio-economic improvements to the area;
  • Contribute to Soweto's economic development and revival;
  • Stabilise areas in decline and prone to urban decay;
  • Optimise Orlando East/Noordgesig's potential; and
  • Improve Orlando East/Noordgesig residents' quality of life.

The Orlando East Station Precinct project will link directly with the JDA's strategic objectives, which are to:

  • Promote economic growth through developing or promoting efficient business environments in Johannesburg;
  • Regenerate decaying areas in Johannesburg to contribute to the city's economic development and residents' quality of life;
  • Promote economic empowerment through structuring and procuring JDA projects, and management, among others;
  • Promote productive partnerships and cooperation between business, residents and government;
  • Facilitate public and private investment;
  • Promote and market the area's businesses, assets and opportunities; and
  • Aggressively address negative perceptions of the area and increase the positive factors to encourage investment and business.

The upgrade will include creating dedicated pedestrian areas, lighting up newly landscaped streets to promote community safety, and installing street furniture.