Inner city public spaces challenge


Partnerships are at the core of JDA projects, and developers and property owners can submit proposals for collaborations. From its portfolio of projects, the agency allocates resources in a transparent way to the most deserving of these proposals.


Over the past 11 years, the JDA has played a strategic role in investing municipal funds in capital works projects that catalyse private investment in key areas in the inner city. In all JDA developments, partnerships with the private property owners, investors, businesses and residents are an integral part of the development approach.

These collaborations are usually built around neighbourhood development plans with medium- to long-term delivery timeframes. But there are examples of smaller partnership projects in which the JDA has co-invested with private stakeholders within the framework of a management agreement in public space. The Main Street Mall is the most notable example of this; the Joubert Street Market, Ekhaya Neighbourhood Park and sanitary lanes in Hillbrow and Berea are also interesting projects with elements of partnership.

The JDA would like to assemble more of these sorts of collaborations into a structured portfolio of projects that allocates resources in a transparent way to the most deserving proposals from private partners. It put out a first call for proposals in 2012/13.

This yielded a good response, with three co-investment opportunities identified for implementation. The first two – an upgrade of streets in the Maboneng Precinct, in partnership with Propertuity; and improvements to alleyways in Braamfontein, in partnership with the Braamfontein Improvement District – are in the construction phase, with completion scheduled for September 2013. The third project, an upgrade to streets in the Hotel Precinct, in partnership with Lionshare Properties, requires some more design work and will only reach the construction stage in 2013/14.

There has been a positive response from private property owners and developers, who have indicated that they would like to make proposals for future co-funded projects. The JDA will advertise the second round call for proposals to identify the best of these in June 2013. The scope of work for the coming year will comprise public environment projects, which will be determined once proposals from developers are received.

The first project in the implementation pipeline is the upgrade of six city blocks in the Hotel Precinct in the core inner city.