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The ridge path in Orange Farm before the upgradeIn 2010/11, the JDA intends to implement four township developments: Orlando East Station in Soweto; Kliptown in Soweto; Stretford Station in Orange Farm; and Diepsloot in Region A, on the northern perimeter of the city.

The majority of these areas are classified as district nodes in the City's Regional Spatial Development Framework. District nodes usually serve a few neighbourhoods, but are mainly focused on fulfilling the needs of the local community. The most critical issue to address in a district node is easy access and interconnected pedestrian movement.

Orlando East Station

Orlando East Station is a new project that is being implemented by the JDA for a number of important reasons: it is a significant site from a heritage perspective; its location close to Orlando Stadium; its location on the Rea Vaya BRT route; and its proximity to Vilakazi Street and the Orlando Ekhaya projects.

The Orlando East Station precinct is of great significance to the communities surrounding it, because of its good accessibility and range of public amenities. The area is undergoing major infrastructure changes as a result of BRT system upgrades and redevelopment of the Orlando East railway station. These changes will dramatically alter the role and experience of the area.


The Greater Kliptown Development Project (GKDP) was established in November 2001 under the ambit of Blue IQ. The JDA was appointed the implementing agent.

Proper paving and rest areas now greet pedestriansThe initial impetus for a Kliptown project was the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Freedom Charter in Kliptown. The GKDP was initiated with an architectural competition for the design of Freedom Square in April 2002. The winning design consisted of two very large buildings flanking the renamed Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication, with paving and planting on the square.

About R180-million was spent on this project and the buildings now accommodate a hotel, museum, conference centre and tourism information, business support and some retail. Traders who used to trade on the square are accommodated in a new market under the roof of one of the buildings.

The JDA also constructed a taxi rank, a new park and Klipspruit Valley Road linking Kliptown with the highway. Finally, basement parking was constructed in 2008/09.

Stretford Station

Stretford Station is in Orange Farm, on the Johannesburg-Vereeniging boundary, approximately 40km south of the Johannesburg CBD. It falls in Region G and because of its strategic position as a transport node, should be further developed.

The overall objective of the development of this node is to create an environment that will allow the station to function as an efficient public transport inter-modal facility and a local economic hub, serving the immediate community but also playing a catalytic role in stimulating further economic and social investment in the area.


According to the Diepsloot Urban Development Framework, the area is characterised by high levels of multiple deprivation. The Region A Spatial Development Framework for 2007/08 estimated that 74 percent of its housing units were informal structures.

The City of Johannesburg's development programme for Diepsloot intends to establish the area as a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable human settlement that is spatially integrated into the city with access to basic services and opportunities for social mobility and economic development.

Low income housing and infrastructure improvements in the form of water, sewage and electricity upgrades are ongoing.