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The Hillbrow Health Precinct (HHP) is in the heart of inner-city Johannesburg, in Hillbrow. It is bordered by Kotze and Rissik streets to the north, Joubert Street to the west, Smit Street to the south and Klein Street to the east.

To its immediate north is Constitution Hill; the Civic Centre is to the west. Many other important developments surround it, such as:

  • the Braamfontein regeneration corridor;
  • the Hillbrow-Berea regeneration initiative;
  • Park Station; and
  • greater Joubert Park.
The area - a high-density, overcrowded suburb of medium-rise and high-rise buildings - is a troubled one, which makes this project so crucial. It's a part of Johannesburg that is subject not only to the inner-city decline that characterises urban settlements across the world, but also to the exacerbating effects of apartheid planning.

One thing the greater area does boast, however, is a number of public and private health facilities - including the Johannesburg Hospital, the Donald Gordon Medical Centre, the Rand, Brenthurst and Park Lane clinics, and the Wits Medical School.

The goal of the HHP is to create an integrated, safe, secure and functional area by:

  • being the preferred location for primary healthcare providers;
  • consolidating the research base and operational connections among stakeholders;
  • enhancing existing residential accommodation; and
  • creating world-class education and training facilities.
Rationale behind the HHP's business plan is to:
  • improve the precinct's external environment and thus prevent urban blight;
  • build the confidence of existing NGO, institutional and commercial residents,
  • encourage investor interest and reinforce the positive impact of Constitution Hill;
  • nurture the Centre of Excellence as the anchor tenant that will lure NGOs and similar bodies to a supportive environment;
  • improve urban management through CID-type visible security, signage, parking, public lighting and possibly CCTV; and to
  • approach the precinct's development in phases, according to the availability of resources, beginning with the Centre of Excellence node along Esselen Street.

The nine broad strategies or features of the business plan are: governance and sustainability; primary healthcare; a Centre of Excellence; social and support services; residential accommodation; world-class education and training facilities; safety and security; integration and functionality; and the maximising of development impact. These are discussed in detail under projects.

Hillbrow Health Precinct

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