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Fashion DistrictThe Fashion District is in a colourful part of Johannesburg that has been specially earmarked for the development of the fashion industry. Situated in the inner city's eastern quadrant, in an area traditionally associated with the garment sector, the district is made up of 26 blocks, bordered by Market, Kerk, Von Wielligh and End streets.

By formalising it as the Fashion District, hopes are that the area will become the hub of South Africa's fashion industry where clothing is designed, manufactured and displayed. The development should also stimulate trading and facilitate cross-border trade and investment.

It is hoped, too, that it will generate public interest in locally manufactured garments and stimulate national and international tourism.

The Fashion District is a hive of activity for approximately 1 000 enterprises. The district provides services, directly and indirectly, to associated fashion industry operators such as suppliers and service providers, manufacturers, designers, distributors and merchandisers.

To demarcate and brand the area, metal banners in the shape of garment patterns have been erected to stamp the Fashion District’s identity.

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It also has the Fashion Kapitol, a square that takes up most of a block in the heart of the district. The kapitol consists of 30 shops and boutiques, offices, studios, a restaurant, a small square, an outdoor ramp and an amphitheatre, and an arcade linking Pritchard and Market streets. The anchor tenant is fashion designer Clive Rundle.

The kapitol has three target markets: fashion-conscious suburban shoppers, downtown shoppers who work in the CBD, and tourists. Its African flavour will be a drawcard for tourists.

Public art, sponsored by the JDA, has been placed in the square. A beaded comb and a pair of beaded takkies mark the entrance to the kapitol, while a beaded sewing machine and a beaded satellite dish offset the square.

In the kapitol, priority will be given to Made in Jozi products. The recently formed Fashion District Institute manages the space.

New lighting and new paving links the Fashion District with the nearby High Court Precinct, running from Von Brandis Street, along President and Pritchard streets, and linking to Polly Street in the Fashion District. Trees have been planted in President and Pritchard streets.

The main objectives behind establishing the Fashion District are:

  • To create a safe, secure, attractive and functional district;
  • To afford access to social and economic activities; and
  • To maximise economic growth.