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Faraday projectsFaraday station, in the southeastern part of Johannesburg, was formerly an area of significant decay but, with the completion of the Faraday Station Precinct, the area marks yet another milestone in the city's regeneration campaign.

The area is home to Faraday Market, a major centre dedicated to the art of traditional healing and a viable transport hub. With trading space for more than 280 muti traders, the Faraday Market Precinct is a major attraction whose tourist potential has been largely untapped.

The Faraday precinct is bordered by Anderson Street in the north, Von Wielligh Street/Rosettenville Road in the east, Eloff Street in the west and Newton Street in the south. Anchored by Faraday Station - a railway terminal on the lines that link Soweto and other southwestern townships to the city - the precinct has become a multinodal transport interchange, with bus and taxi services extending connections into the central and near city zones.

Key documents

Business Plan, Novemeber 2001

Urban Design Plan, Novemeber 2001

Formulation Phase Needs Analysis, Novemeber 2001

Faraday functions as a threshold space offering access to various destinations both locally and in the broader city environment. The overall development concept proposes an interweaving of energies as a way of generating a richer and more diverse urban fabric. The intention of this project was to recycle and regenerate, to create a more inclusive and sustainable future for the precinct and the city.