Call for joint action

FOR its economy to expand, Joburg must offer a conducive environment for job creation and create a core of entrepreneurs to help grow the economy, says the mayor.

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Inviting park in the inner city

CHANGE has come to Beyers Naude Square. Once a meeting point for strikers, it is now an inviting park-like open space in downtown Jozi.

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Growing the economy

THE burgeoning economy of a growing Johannesburg will be the topic under discussion at a week-long series of consultations with a range of stakeholders, from informal traders to chambers of commerce.

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Diagonal Street facade goes bright

A HISTORIC street facade in the Joburg CBD has been given a new coat of paint - but the City says permission should have been sought first.

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Excellence becomes 'the norm'

THERE is a single aim behind Joburg’s 90-day service delivery programme – making excellence the usual standard for its dealings, the investor community hears.

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Making Joburg safe

PARTNERSHIPS, communication and accessibility were raised in discussions on how to make Johannesburg a safer city, especially for its more vulnerable residents.

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Indaba looks at congestion

WORKING from home, riding a bicycle, walking, living near work - these are potential solutions to the congestion on Joburg's roads. They were discussed at a GDS2040 Transport Indaba.

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Subways boost safety

THE Fietas subway is a work of art. More than keeping pedestrians safe, it tells the story of the region. Two new subways are expected to follow suit.

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JAG to get a makeover

THERE are structural problems that need to be fixed at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, but the idea driving the change is also to make it more accessible and modern.

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Getting around town

PUBLIC transport and non-motorised transport were explored as viable ways to cut the congestion on Joburg’s roads at the first seminar of the GDS2040 Transport Week.

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Parktown trees are replaced

THE stretch of Empire Road being widened for Rea Vaya will be green again, with 196 indigenous trees planted to replace the 76 that were removed.

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Environment is real winner

ABSA Towers West may have landed a Halala Award for its eco-friendly construction and admirable recycling and energy efficiency policies, but the real winner is Joburg’s green environment.

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Go get your geocache

THERE’S a new game in town and it’s called geocaching. It’s pretty much a high-tech, modern treasure hunt that spans the globe – and there are hundreds of thousands of things to find.

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