PROJECT 6: Beacon Road Upgrade

Historical context

The upgrade of Beacon Road is done in the context of the Tourism and Heritage plan for the area - see Ochre media proposal below:

Design approach

The road upgrade in Beacon Road will stretch from Union Road in the North to Gerard Sekoto's house in the South. The upgrade of the streets will involve the planting of indigenous street trees along the sidewalk, providing a shaded environment for the predominantly pedestrian road. The trees are planted in a strip of loose packed stone allowing surface water runoff to permeate the soil around the base of the tree.

Traffic calming measures have been introduced across the road at the various nodes with natural stone paving raised to the same level as the sidewalk - smooth surfaces at these nodes allow for ease of pedestrian and wheelchair crossing. The sidewalk is fine tar. Carpobrotus groundcovers will be planted along the length of the sidewalk assisting with erosion and dust pollution.

Design elements

Landscape elements Stone packing (200-400 mm) has been proposed underneath the trees, this will allow water runoff to be collected as water for the trees.
Council approved dustbins has been proposed along the length of the road
Trees Celtis africana has been proposed as the street trees.
Ground covers Carpobrotus sp cuttings have been proposed as edge planting and will also assist with the slope stablisation on the side of the road.
Irrigation Turf valve system

Implementation Feb- June 2005