Nasrec walkway is finished

The pedestrian bridge over the railway and bus lines linking the transport hub with Soccer City Stadium is done, complete with glass bottom.

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Main Street Life is born

A new development in the central business district is adding to the artistic character of the area, which already has Arts on Main and August House.

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Halala nominations open

Nominations have opened for the annual Halala Joburg Awards, which recognise projects and individuals that add to the regeneration of the inner city. Read more: Halala nominations open

JDA chief gets London nod

THE chief of the JDA was among a select group of international development managers invited to London to check out that city’s renovation plans around the 2012 Olympics.

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JDA counts its successes

THERE is plenty to celebrate at the agency, which has had a great year filled with many successes.

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Public art comes home to Jozi

The Johannesburg Development Agency is using public art to beautify the inner city, from the majestic Eland in Braamfontein to the sculptures in Kliptown.

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